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Safe and slippery driving

You have run a car for several years and feel confident behind the wheel. But have you thought about the following questions:

  • When did you have a last car accident?
  • If you had, did you cause the accident?
  • Could you prevent the car accident if behaved differently? How?

The purpose of the course is to teach you how to avoid getting into dangerous situations while driving, how to act in the case you got into one of them, and how to reduce the bad consequences of an accident. There is a saying among motorcyclists: the situation, in which a skillful rider survives, is the one, which the provident rider would not get into. This sentence also applies to all cars, as well as to other vehicles.

The ensuring of the road safety requires the ability to prevent and foresee traffic hazards – it is much simpler and cheaper to prevent a dangerous situation, than to get in it.

The theoretical part of the course deals with issues helping to reduce potential disaster losses:

  • How can the driver or passenger prepare for the safe journey?
  • How should the passenger behave during the journey and when dangerous situations occur?
  • How does the human psychology work in dangerous situations and how to avoid the forthcoming of bad reactions – braking by "blocking" the wheels is not always the best solution.

In the practical part there are exercises teaching how to act in the most common situations, such as:

  • wild animal on the road,
  • passing the obstacles with and without braking,
  • braking in a turn,
  • braking on different road surfaces,
  • skidding

The whole training provides you with knowledge that will help you to avoid car accidents. The practical part will help you to determine this knowledge. The research carried out by Central Organisation of Road Safety in Finland (Liikenneturva) in 1994 about similar two-day courses conducted in Finland is a very expressive example – as a result the damages caused by traffic accidents decreased by 65% and the number of traffic accidents decreased by 40%.

A safe-driving course is conducted on the year-round Rate.ee slippery track in Männiku (close to Tallinn), in Tartu or in Aseri.

This course does not teach you rally driving techniques, but it gives you theoretical and practical base to drive safely. For the most part defensive driving is in each driver`s own hands!

Enjoy and participate!



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