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Corporate event on the Slippery Track

There is a tendency to spend time during afternoons and evenings together with employees in many companies, sometimes a wish to provide business partners with memorable experiences appears. Therefore, the question regarding the choice of interesting and corporate activity arises.

For many years we offer the opportunity to combine the useful with the pleasant and to visit the slippery track to try what you are capable of.

It is a four hour event, during which one hour is conducted indoors and three hours in the year-round slippery track.

Within the first hour there is talk about the simple basics we encounter every day, but so far didn`t pay attention to from this perspective.

Over the next three hours on the slippery track, everybody can receive the unforgettable experience. Under the watchful eye of professionals you will find out what happens while running a car at various speeds, and how to behave in different dangerous situations.

Although it is not the training course, all the participants will find something useful for themselves. For our part we promise that your experience will be exciting.

Don`t hesitate to ask for a personal offer. There are lots of options for the duration and the way you can build up your day.

We help car sales companies and importers with presentations of new car models

For years we have held out the opportunity to organize presentations of new car models on our slippery tracks for car presenters. Together we have planned agenda and various attraction places as on the track, in quarries, but also in everyday traffic.

Today our capabilities have become even more extended. The new and eye-catching Slippery Track Complex allows us to hold presentations as on the landscape, asphalt, but also on slippery track, and all this without leaving the provided territory. Moreover, the conference hall located on the same territory allows offering the participants indoor presentations, and the room dedicated to the safety in the same building gives incomparable experiences.

Let`s make the more interesting life together!


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